What is Symanto Insights Platform?

From data collection to insights discovery

1. About Symanto Insights Platform

2. What types of data can be analysed?

3. What languages can the platform analyse?

1. About Symanto Insights Platform

Symanto Insights Platform is an AI-powered text analytics platform tailored for Insights Professionals to collect and analyse a large volume of consumer/employee opinion data and instantly extract attitudinal, contextual, and psychological insights to answer real business questions. 

Our platform offers a integrated review collection functionality to collect online reviews from over 75+ review sites, or you can also easily upload your own data. 

Once the data is collected or uploaded, the platform then uses proprietary NLP (natural language processing) and Psycholinguistic Analysis to discover key mentioned topics, the positive or negative sentiment towards these topics, and deeper psychological traits of the person behind the text.

The results can be further explored in comparison or timeline view or sliced with additional meta-information by using the filter, allowing you to discover more detailed and relevant insights. Robust configuration and inline editing function allow you to further customize your insights at ease.

2. What types of data can be analysed?

The platform is tailored to analyse any type of unstructured feedback and opinion data such as reviews and open-ended responses of NPS surveys.

3. What languages can the platform analyse?

The platform currently supports analysis in English, German and Spanish, and over 100 languages via integrated translation service.