How does the platform work?

Symanto Insights Platform is an AI-powered text data analytics tool to help you understand your customers and/or employees better.

Capable of collecting and analysing large amounts of review data from online or offline sources, our AI gives you deeper insights about topics your customers are dealing with, how they think and feel about them and what kind of personality traits your customers have in general.

The results can be further sliced and explored in comparison or timeline views with additional meta information by using the provided filters, to discover more detailed and relevant insights.

From data to insights:

  1. Collect online reviews or upload your own data
  2. Create a project and run analysis to get a first overview of your data
  3. Activate modules needed (Topic & Sentiment Detection, Sentiment Analysis, Personality Traits, Psychographic Segments, Brand Recommendation)
  4. Optional: finetune topics with configuration or inline editing
  5. Explore results​
  6. Upload new data into existing project using existing topic model (optional) 
  7. Report or export