How to use Net Sentiment Drivers

Net Sentiment Drivers allows you to compare the volume of mentioned categories and topics as well as the Net Sentiment based on your selected meta values

How to set up the chart?

  • Select the breakdown option you want to compare, e.g. brand, product, etc.
  • Select at least two values to define the subsets of data you want to compare against
  • Once you have selected the values, click "View Comparison"

1. Now you can explore the categories and topics: their volume and net sentiment based on the selected meta values and understand their difference in importance and net sentiment

2. Click here to change the values you want to compare

3. Click here to export the chart view as CSV or PNG

4. Apply Slicing filter: You can either slice it by category, personality (emotional/rational), recommendation (promoter, detractor, indifferent), your own meta fields, enter a date range, or search for keywords