How to use Traits by Topic

'Traits by Topic' shows how the personality traits 'emotional' and 'rational' can be broken down by category and topic

  1. Explore the categories and topics and their split by 'emotional' and 'rational' communication styles. You can view the total volume of the mentions as well as when hovering over the bar chart, see the split  amongst the categories and topics
  2. Export the results as CSV or PNG
  3. Click the bar chart to show the sidebar with original posts
  4. Apply Slicing filter: You can either slice it by category, topic, personality (emotional/rational), recommendation (promoter, detractor, indifferent), the meta fields you have added to your data file, or enter a date range. You can even type in a keyword to specify the search

Emotional vs rational: Two rival dimensions

  1. rational consumer tends to be analytical, critical, and pragmatic. They are detailed, weighing pros and cons, making comparisons with similar or competitor products/services. 
  2. An emotional consumer tends to focus on emotions, making decisions based on personal values and beliefs. They also tend to consider the well-being of others, and how their decision affects both themselves and others. 

By predicting the personality traits, we can better understand if a person is objective and logical (rational) or empathic and relationship-oriented (emotional)… or of course, where in the middle they lie.