Release Notes 17.11.2020

Find here an overview of the newest releases we shipped to the platform

👍New Features

  • Brand Recommendation Module
    Symanto has developed a metric that classifies each post into Promote, Detract and Indifferent (similar construct as in Net Promoter Score). It tells us the perceived influence of a post on others. The aggregated level of this analysis tells us whether consumers are recommending the brand to others or not. You can now view the new “Brand Recommendation” module under the “Explore” section of the platform.

  • New Use Case Model
    The new use case model “Consumer Electronics” has been added.

Fixed Issues

  • Responsiveness on very small and very big screens
    This release fixes a problem where the side bars were overlapping important UI components of the main screen. You can now collapse and expand the side bar. Your settings will be saved for the next session.

  • Net sentiment percentage symbol added to Topic overview
  • Added “original text” in Excel export


  • View timeline aggregated by day
    You can now switch the aggregation view on the timeline to “day”, allowing you to see changes in time over the course of one or multiple months.
  • View original texts if translated
    In a project where data translation was enabled, you can now view the original texts in the side bar in the "Date" tab.

  • Select multiple categories and topics in filter of the “topics by volume” chart
    You can now apply a multi-select filter for categories and topics on the “topics by volume” chart.