Release Notes 02.06.2021

Find here an overview of the newest releases we shipped to the platform

👍New Features

  • Preview of Use Case
    When creating a new project, you can now preview the available use cases before submitting the project for analysis. This is particularly useful to find the best use case for the given data set

  • Review and Confirmation Step 
    Before submitting a new project and starting the analysis you’ll now see a final validation step that summarizes all settings,  giving you the possibility to jump back and adapt them if needed


  • Posts in the sidebar are now sorted by sentiment
  • History tab on the refinement page is now disabled if there is no history to show
  • The 'Split chart' on the overview page now shows the legend label
  • Creating multiple new terms in the configuration view is now easier as the cursor remains active in the input area after saving a new token

Fixed Issues

  • We resolved an issue where you couldn’t set the meta filters when date filters had already been set
  • In the sidebar on the sentiment page, the positive/negative buttons have been flipped to be consistent with the rest of SIP
  • The breakdown filter in the side bar of the heatmap gets reset when closed, but the actual filter value was still active