Release Notes 11.03.2021

Find here an overview of the newest releases we shipped to the platform

👍New Features

  • New tab: Term Cloud
    You can now find a new tab called 'Term Cloud' on the left side. It allows you to have a deeper look into the terms that can be found within each of the categories and topics as well as the correspoding posts.

  • Changes in the 'Timeline'
    When you open 'Timeline' you can now switch between the tabs:
- Activity
- Net Sentiment
- Topics

In the 'Activity' tab you will be able to compare the development of your data  based upon the different metafields of your data, e.g. brand, star ratings etc. over time.

In the 'Net Sentiment' tab you can see the development of  post volume and net sentiment vs. the industry average net sentiment over time.

In the 'Topics' tab you can select the category of the topics that you want to see in the timeline chart. As soon as the category is selected, you will see a chart of the volume development of the topics belonging to this category over timeline.


      • "Emotional connection"  added to the export file in 'Data' 
      • Numbers in meta filters now sorted ascending