Release Notes 17.03.2022


  • New Project Layout
    As a part of our restructuring plan aimed at making our platform modular, we are happy to introduce you to the first major change - the project layout. Now you can see all of our technology capabilities being broken down into modules on the side menu
  • As it is needed to understand the decision-making style of the audience analysed, we added a new module named 'Personality Traits' which help you to understand the difference of emotional vs. rational conversations based on your breakdown options


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue causing the deleted terms to still show up in the 'Configuration' tab
  • A bug in the selection and de-selection of a breakdown filter on the Overview chart has been fixed
  • An issue with the breakdown filtering on the Overview chart being applied to the 'Net Sentiment over time' chart has been fixed.
  • A wrong calculation in the Overview export file has been fixed
  • A bug causing an empty return of the 'Volume Comparison' export has been fixed