Release Notes 25.05.2022

👍New Features

  • When hovering over the Net Sentiment on the 'Sentiment Heatmap' you can now see the category/ topic, the name of the selected meta info, and the volume
  • There is a new psychographic segment called ‘Indistinct’, which represents the neutrals
  • Any person who has the ‘User’ role can now hide/unhide charts on a project for others who have the ‘Analyst’ role
  • You can now attach a file to your existing project directly on SIP
  • You can now see information regarding error posts (including their number) in the 'Overview'
  • ‘Neutrals’ have been added to the Classification
  • A new chart named 'Traits by Topic' shows how personality traits are broken down by category and topic
  • Topics were added to the Net Sentiment Drivers chart


Fixed Issues

  • There was a problem when working with the volume comparison not updating the sidebar if the latter was already opened
  • There was a problem with the CSV exports returning 0 or wrong values
  • Columns were reversed on the Volume Comparison export
  • Columns were reversed on the Sentiment Heatmap export
  • Topics appearing in different categories in Net Sentiment Drivers chart