Symanto Insights Assistant Best Practice

Symanto Insights Assistant provides immediate answers to your questions based on your specific dataset. Here are some best practices to let the assistant work for you.

1. What is the Symanto Insights Assistant?

2. Some general guidelines

3. Example Questions

4. Questions the Assistant can’t handle yet

1. What is the Symanto Insights Assistant?

The Symanto Insights Assistant is a chatbot that answers insights questions based on your specific dataset immediately. It helps you to summarise key findings from consumer opinions and zoom into the details of those key insights. It can also provide you with direct references from your data to support your insights.

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2. Some general guidelines:

  • Adding more details to your question will help the Assistant understand the context and identify the relevant data for your answer.

  • If you get a response such as “Sorry, there is no explicit information about this question”, it means the Assistant couldn’t find data from your dataset that is directly relevant to your question. Try to reformulate the question or refer to example questions.

3. Example Questions

To get an immediate understanding of consumer opinion about the brand/product/feature

:speech_left: What do people talk about Nike?

:speech_left: How do customers like the new checkout design?
:speech_left: What do people complain about?

To glean competitive insights

:speech_left: What footwear brands do people mention?

:speech_left: Do people think Coca-Cola is better than Pepsi?
:speech_left: How do people compare Carrefour to Walmart?

To understand user needs and segment

:speech_left: What use cases or applications do people use the software for?
:speech_left: On what occasions do customers visit the restaurant?
:speech_left: Do people buy tequila as a gift?


4. Questions the Assistant can’t handle yet

Statistical & mathematical questions

How many comments are about Nike?

❌ What is the net sentiment of the checkout function?

Frequency & weighted questions

❌What are the most frequent use cases for ChatGPT?
(Assistant may provide an answer but the results are likely not the most frequent ones by strict counts)