What does the input file have to look like?

  1. The file for the 'File Upload' should be an Excel file (in “.xlsx” format) or CSV (in ".csv" format)
  2. All your data must be in the first sheet
  3. The first data row should contain the column names

Note: The max. character length in one cell is 2000. Text longer than 2000 characters will be truncated.

4.  If your data contains a date column (this can be used to create the timeline chart) please ensure there is only one date column and the date format looks like one of these formats:

The 'text' column is the column that is being analyzed.
Any other columns are being used as filters, e.g. a date range, different languages, star ratings, product names, brands, different sources (e.g. Amazon and Trustpilot), or specific questions.