Release Notes 30.03.2023

Find here an overview of the newest releases we shipped to the platform

👍New Features

  • Insights Assistant - a chatbot that can give you qualitative insights into your data.
    Click here to get some best practices on the Insights Assitant.

  • You can now select which column contains a rating as the last step of your file upload. The system currently supports 2 rating types - from 1 to 5 and NPS (from 0 to 10)
  • New model available in the Module Explorer: Rating Impact Analysis
    It helps you to understand the impact different topics and categories have on brand, competitiveness, and customer base.
    Please note: In order to be able to use this module you have to select a rating column when uploading your file

  • You can now export your data files from the Data Hub

Fixed Issues

  • Problem with re-using dictionary from another project
  • Issue with maximum data points for the timeline charts, causing the chart to cut off periods when filtered by days
  • Data Hub preview and scrolling were not working properly
  • Incorrect tokens were getting deleted from the Configuration tab
  • Categories were showing topics that didn’t belong to them when filtering on the Configuration tab