Input File Requirements

If uploading a data file to the Datahub, please ensure that the file fulfills the following conditions:

What are the requirements of the file?

  1. “.xlsx” or ".csv" format
  2.  The first data row needs to be the column name, e.g. text, language, star rating, source name, brand names, product names etc.

Note: The 'text' column is the column that is being analysed. Any other columns are being used as filters, e.g. star ratings, product names, brands, and different source names.

Note: Max. character length in one cell is 2000. Text longer than 2000 characters will be truncated.

3.  All your data must be in the first sheet

4.  If your file contains a date column (this can be used to create the timeline charts) please ensure there is only one date column

5. Once your upload file is prepared and you have all the text you want to analyse, you can create your first project. Click here to read more about how to create a project